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Age Verification - Fraud Prevention - Identity Theft - Age verification Requirements for merchant.
Age Verification - Fraud Prevention - Identity Theft - Age verification Requirements for Merchants

For merchants dealing with age-restricted products such as wine, alcohol, cigars, tobacco, and other goods and services, age verification is a critical aspect of their operation. Implementing a reliable age verification service not only ensures legal compliance but also enhances overall business security. CMS is a trusted partner in this domain, offering a comprehensive range of services to help businesses protect themselves and their customers from identity fraud.

Operating for over 18 years, CMS has crafted an intuitive platform, simple integration options, and an easy-to-understand pricing structure, making fraud prevention accessible to all businesses, big and small. The CMS suite of identity assurance products has proven instrumental in combating identity theft, reducing operational costs, and satisfying governmental regulations, all while seamlessly integrating with existing business processes.

Identity fraud is a rapidly growing crime in the United States, with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) consistently ranking identity theft among its top consumer complaints. The FTC estimates that approximately 9 million Americans become victims of identity theft each year. This criminal activity has crossed U.S. borders, giving birth to a global identity theft marketplace where stolen consumer credit card information, Social Security numbers, and other personal data are traded on a large scale.

Identity fraud can have a severely damaging effect on businesses. Companies that unintentionally accept stolen credit cards or other fraudulent information are often required by banks to reimburse the value of the fraudulent transactions and pay processing fees associated with chargebacks. This threefold loss for businesses includes the value of the goods or services lost, the repayment to the banks, and the cost of associated fees.

Beyond the direct financial hit, businesses also suffer from a loss of consumer trust due to the surge in identity theft. Many consumers have lost faith in online transactions, which in turn leads to immeasurable loss of profits for businesses due to reduced online activity.

CMS's range of identity verification and authentication solutions helps businesses confirm that they are interacting and transacting with legitimate customers. These solutions are designed to expose fraudulent information, prevent fraudulent transactions, and substantially reduce the risk of potential losses.

CMS's specialized solutions cater to distinct areas of commercial operations. IdentiFraud Consumer allows businesses to monitor customer transactions, ensuring all dealings are honest and appropriate. IdentiFraud Corporate enables businesses to scrutinize commercial relationships with greater rigor, preventing business-to-business fraud and strengthening partnerships. IdentiFraud International extends a company’s ability to monitor its customers beyond U.S. borders.

Additionally, CMS's age verification services are invaluable to merchants selling age-restricted products, helping ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to customer age verification. By using CMS's age verification services, businesses can mitigate the risk of selling to underage consumers, protecting themselves from potential legal repercussions and further securing their operations.

Compliance with federally sponsored programs is an integral part of CMS's offerings. Businesses using CMS services can avoid the costly pit of lost revenue caused by fraud while fostering increased consumer confidence in online transactions. Thus, CMS stands out as the perfect solution for monitoring business relationships and protecting your organization.

The CMS platform also offers its verification and authentication services through an all-encompassing end-user management system. This platform allows for the creation of custom user accounts, providing comprehensive reports, full technical support, and efficient management of batch transactions, along with mobile payment support. With CMS, businesses can have full administrative control and operate their age verification and fraud prevention processes with ease and efficiency.

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Age Verification Services