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CMS believes that fraud prevention solutions should be cost effective and easy enough to empower business of all sizes to protect themselves and their customers from identity fraud. With an intuitive platform, simple integration options, and easy-to-understand pricing structure, CMS delivers on the promise of making comprehensive fraud prevention available to all businesses.

For over 15 years,CMS and their family of identity assurance products have been helping businesses combat identity theft, reduce costs, and satisfy governmental regulation. Electronic Verification Systems (CMS) offers a unique approach to ID verification and authentication solutions that integrate with your existing processes so you can continue to focus on your business.

Identity fraud is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the United States.

For much of the past decade, identity theft has been topping the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) list of consumer complaints. The FTC now estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year. The criminal impact of identity theft and the resulting instances of identity fraud are not limited to U.S. borders, either. The trend has spawned a global identity theft marketplace where consumer credit card information, Social Security numbers, and other personal data are sold in large numbers, creating an environment that engenders identity fraud.

Identity fraud has a devastating effect on individual consumers and can also be severely damaging to businesses. When a business perpetuates fraud by accepting a stolen credit card or other stolen information, most banks not only require the business to reimburse them for the value of the fraudulent transactions, but they may also require them to pay processing fees for performing the charge back. Companies that inadvertently accept stolen credit cards, therefore, suffer losses for their errors three times over: once for the actual goods or services lost, again to repay the banks for the fraudulent transactions, and a third time to pay all fees associated with restoring the funds to the victims’ accounts.

In addition to the direct financial hit, businesses are also affected by identity fraud in ways that may not be so apparent. The surge in identity theft has caused many consumers to lose faith in online transactions and, therefore, limit their use of what should be a convenient and beneficial service. This reduced activity results in an immeasurable amount of lost profits for businesses.

Identity fraud can be prevented through identity verification.

With identity verification and authentication solutions from CMS, businesses can determine whether the people they are talking to or selling goods and services to are who they say they are. CMS offers a variety of solutions, each packed with specific products designed to expose fraudulent information, prevent the processing of fraudulent transactions, and significantly reduce the risk of potential losses.

Each of the solutions offered by CMS focuses on a specific area of commercial operations.

IdentiFraud Consumer allows businesses to monitor their customers and ensure that all transactions are performed honestly and appropriately. IdentiFraud Corporate gives businesses the ability to examine their commercial relationships with higher scrutiny, preventing fraud on a business-to-business level while strengthening partnerships and supply chains. IdentiFraud International extends an organization’s ability to monitor its customers beyond the confines of

U.S. borders. CMS offers businesses an opportunity to lower their chances of working with high-risk individuals by utilizing a crosscheck, which compares an individual’s personal information against several government-sponsored watch lists.

CMS services simultaneously deliver tighter security measures and required compliance efforts in accordance with many federally sponsored programs. By identifying and authenticating consumer and commercial identities, businesses can avoid the costly pit of lost revenue created by fraud, while also encouraging increased consumer confidence in online transactions. In this regard, CMS is the perfect solution for monitoring your business relationships and protecting your organization.


CMS offers its verification and authentication services through a robust end-user management platform that allows you full administrative control. We can even help you develop customized user accounts for your employees to administer the system with ease.

• Create Thresholds and Limits on a Per User Basis
• Limit Access by Location (IP Address)
• View Activity by Company and/or User, Including
Volume/Transactional Activity
• Create Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Reports
• Get Full Technical Support with Online Trouble
Ticket System
• Easily Manage Batch Transactions
• Mobile Payment Support

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Each of our IdentiFraud packages includes an array of verification and authentication services for one low price.

There is no monthly minimum required, and we even offer a 30-day opt-out at no cost or obligation.

• No Setup Fee
• Tiered Volume Pricing
• No Monthly Transaction Minimums
• Minimal $99.00 per month system access fee
• Lowest Transaction Fees in the Industry

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